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COOL TOOL: New map finds bike routes you'll feel comfortable using

If you feel a bit queasy cycling along busy roads at the behest of Google Maps, you may find this new tool from Bike Ottawa to be of some use.

The advocacy group has released four new mapping tools , all with a different use. For example, one measures the “stress” each road’s traffic levels will put on a cyclist while another will use that data to find a route suitable to a cyclist’s comfort levels.

Bike Ottawa’s suggested “low-stress” route from Parliament Hill to Ottawa City Hall (with some bike walking recommended).

The same route, with three variations suggested by Google Maps.

Another map shows how far a cyclist may travel in a given amount of time, while the fourth and final map shows the location of collisions with the aim of identifying problem spots to be extra cautious around.

Check out the tools , or read more about them on Bike Ottawa.