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Coming soon to Stittsville: A Toys "R" Us

** UPDATE: Toys “R” Us in Kanata / Stittsville grand opening is on Saturday, November 10. More info… It’s open for business as of the November 2-4 weekend. **

There’s a Toys “R” Us coming to Stittsville , on the north side of Haleldean Road near Huntmar.  If I’m not mistaken it’ll be the region’s fourth Toys “R” Us in the area alongside Merivale Road, St. Laurent, and Gatineau. _ (Update: Fifth if you count the Toys “R” Us Express mini store inside Place d’Orleans. Thanks SB!) _

Joining Toys “R” US will be Ottawa’s 315th Shoppers Drug Mart , and a Food Basics .  For the longest time there was also a “ Metro Coming Soon” sign just around the corner - I’ll ask around and find out if the Food Basics is replacing that.  We must be reaching the saturation point soon for grocery stores in Kanata/Stittsville. Farm Boy alone is opening two new locations in Kanata South / Stittsville in the next few months, and Sobeys just added a second store earlier this fall.

( ** Update Nov. 15 ** - Councillor Shad Quadri tells me by email: “It is my understanding there will no longer be a Metro and that the Food Basics is taking that space.”)

For the record, Stittsville still does not have a Starbucks.

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