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City seeks feedback on proposed changes to minimum parking requirements

Residents are invited to review a new discussion paper on proposed changes to the City By-law that sets out the minimum number of parking spots to be included in new developments or in existing buildings applying for change of use.

The minimum parking requirements in place have not been comprehensively reviewed in decades and the current rules are in conflict with the City’s goals of intensification, transit-supportive development and quality urban design. Changes are being considered that would reduce or eliminate the amount of parking required for developments near rapid-transit stations and transit-priority corridors and near Traditional Mainstreets inside the Greenbelt.

The discussion paper, which explains the background and reasons for the proposed changes, is now available at ottawa.ca/minimumparking. Residents can send feedback by email to minimumparking@ottawa.ca. An Open House will take place this fall to solicit further feedback from the public.