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Citizen declines Senators' demand to take down players' badmouthing video

Via The Canadian Press

The Ottawa Citizen said Wednesday it has no intention of taking down a secretly recorded video of several Ottawa Senators players despite a legal notice insisting leaving it online violates provincial privacy laws. The Ottawa Citizen flatly rejected the legal notice from the Senators, saying the video shot surreptitiously by an Uber driver was circulating on social media when the paper decided to report on it. Editor in chief Michelle Richardson also countered allegations contained in the notice signed by team lawyers, which asserted the footage of players badmouthing the club and a member of its coaching staff violated their privacy under provincial law and did not contain information of public interest. "The public interest in the Senators as an organization extends beyond the team's performance on the ice," Richardson said in a statement, adding that the paper did not view the sharing of the video as a privacy violation.

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