Carlingwood Mall applies to tear down empty Sears store


The empty parking lot at Carlingwood Sears on Feb. 14, 2018. (Devyn Barrie/

The owners of the Carlingwood Mall are looking to get rid of the large former Sears store on their property.

Coun. Mark Taylor broke the news on Tuesday, tweeting that he will be meeting with mall management to discuss their plans. The Sears has been closed since January when the department store chain when bankrupt.

Taylor told CBC Ottawa the old store is quite old and the mall owners think it would be more logical to level it and build something new rather than try to re-purpose it. It’s not clear what the redevelopment would entail, but Taylor told CBC it could include residential space.


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  1. Christine says:

    Good luck dealing with Carlingwood management! They’re the reason everyone has closed down in the mall. The stores that seem full are just an illusion – they’re kiosks put into retail space to make the mall look fuller. I’m a former tenant quite pleased I no longer have to deal with them and their overpriced, underserved, out-of-date and underwhelming management.

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