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Canadian Museum of Nature's 3D, 360-degree online tour goes live

(Via the Canadian Museum of Nature)

The Canadian Museum of Nature and all its main galleries can now be explored virtually through a stunning 360-tour in 3D. The experience can be accessed at nature.ca/360e.

The high-definition videography that takes users through the museum was stitched together from about 80,000 images taken by a 360-degree camera. The tour was developed using technology from Matterport, a world-leader in immersive 3D experiences.

Users can explore the museum at their own pace—to get close to the museum’s dinosaurs, blue whale, impressive displays of Canadian mammals, birds and aquatic life, and details of the museum’s early 20-century architecture.

Throughout the museum, pop-up signs present fun and informative facts about some of the museum’s star specimens and artifacts.

About the Canadian Museum of Nature:

The Canadian Museum of Nature is Canada’s national museum of natural history and natural sciences. The museum provides evidence-based insights, inspiring experiences and meaningful engagement with nature’s past, present and future. It achieves this through scientific research, a 14.6-million-specimen collection, education programs, signature and travelling exhibitions, and a dynamic web site, nature.ca.