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Brokerage Celebrates Eighty Years of Service to the Community

Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers marked its 80


anniversary by hosting a celebration at their offices in Ottawa’s West End on Sept 10th, 2015.

Those in attendance included current and retired staff, past and present insurance representatives and some of the brokerage’s long-termed clients, several of whom have been with the firm for several generations. Also in attendance was President and CEO of Invest Ottawa, Bruce Lazenby.

“It was fantastic to see those who have worked with Rhodes & Williams, past and present, here to mark this very special occasion,” said the firm’s president and CEO, Trent Young. “Many of the people present today have played key roles in ensuring the brokerage’s continued success over the years,” he added. “It’s really great to have the opportunity to share this together.”

Notably absent from the festivities is the firm’s co-founder, Wendell Osgood Williams, who passed away in early-August at the age of 105.

Williams established an insurance agency in 1935 with Travelers Insurance Company. In 1970, Wendell merged his firm with the Rhodes family to become Rhodes & Williams Limited. Built on that solid foundation, Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers has developed in to one of the largest insurance brokerages in Eastern Ontario – serving the needs of more than 10,000 businesses and individuals across the region. Having lived a long and full life, Wendell was able to see his company develop over the years.

“It is disappointing that Wendell can’t be here to celebrate the business that he co-founded. However I know that he would be proud of the business we have become.” Young concluded.

Today, Rhodes & Williams boasts

more than sixty employees, operating out of offices in both Toronto and Ottawa, to serve the insurance needs of thousands of clients, their businesses and their families.