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Beyond the Pale Brewery thanks social media for finding stolen van

A local brewery is crediting social media with finding their iconic van after it was stolen Thursday morning.

The Beyond the Pale Brewery announced on Facebook that their beloved “rocket van” had gone missing after a break-in overnight, and offered free beer to anybody who could find it.

It only took a few hours until the van was back in the right hands, after some fans spotted the van parked in Sandy Hill

> > Van was found in Sandy Hill area! Thanks for all the tweets! > > — Beyond the Pale (@BTPBrewing) [ May 26, 2016 ](https://twitter.com/BTPBrewing/status/735856168539717632)
Social media helped find our van. Any chance it can help us find our stolen bottle of [ @bellwoodsbeer ](https://twitter.com/bellwoodsbeer) [ #grandmasboy ](https://twitter.com/hashtag/grandmasboy?src=hash) ? [ #lowblow ](https://twitter.com/hashtag/lowblow?src=hash) [ #thieveswtaste ](https://twitter.com/hashtag/thieveswtaste?src=hash) — Beyond the Pale (@BTPBrewing) [ May 26, 2016 ](https://twitter.com/BTPBrewing/status/735938260212518913)
> > Beyond The Pale, [ @btpbrewing ](https://twitter.com/BTPBrewing) is now trending in [ #Ottawa ](https://twitter.com/hashtag/Ottawa?src=hash) [ https://t.co/UnI6U7iu34 ](https://t.co/UnI6U7iu34) > > — Trendsmap Ottawa (@TrendsOttawa) [ May 26, 2016 ](https://twitter.com/TrendsOttawa/status/735868845353775107)
it is quite stunning someone would steal such a nondescript vehicle as a commercially painted van. [ @BTPBrewing ](https://twitter.com/BTPBrewing) [ #hardtohide ](https://twitter.com/hashtag/hardtohide?src=hash) — Human 3500 (@human3500) [ May 26, 2016 ](https://twitter.com/human3500/status/735845161842925568)