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BEAT THE HEAT: List of free (or low-cost) places with air conditioning in Ottawa

A firefighter cooling down at Richardson Side Road fire. Photo courtesy of Ottawa Fire Services.

Here’s a list of businesses and public places in Ottawa that have air conditioning, and are free, or low-cost. Add your suggestions to the comments below.

Also: Tips from Ottawa Public Health on how to stay safe in the heat

Some reader suggestions via Twitter:

  • The Beer Store (@stuntmanstu)
  • Costco walk in cooler where they keep the lettuce (again, @stuntmanstu)
  • Any City of Ottawa community centre (@themagicfridge)
  • Carleton University tunnels (@kmennie)
  • Chapters book store (@bitofmomsense)
  • Arts Court or Timmy’s (@Sarah_A_Mahoney)
  • Add your suggestions in the comments below!

(Originally published July 6, 2010 and updated many times since then.)