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Barrhaven was hit by two tornadoes, Environment Canada says

Tornado damage in Barrhaven (submitted photo)

Update 07/15: Environment Canada issued a weather summary on Saturday which confirmed Barrhaven was hit by two EF-1 tornadoes on Thursday.

Weather Summary For Ontario And The National Capital Region Issued By Environment Canada At 3:01 P.M. Edt Saturday 15 July 2023.


Heavy rain, severe thunderstorms and at least two tornadoes affected Southern Ontario on Thursday. A low pressure system moved across Southern Ontario bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms starting from Southwestern Ontario early in the morning and exiting Eastern Ontario in the evening.

According to the Northern Tornadoes Project, two separate EF-1 tornadoes have been confirmed in Barrhaven. The pair of tornadoes damaged many houses and buildings in its path. Damage reported included roof damage, broken windows, power and utility outages as well as damage to trees. There is also a report of one person with minor injuries. Staff from the Northern Tornadoes Project continues to investigate the damage near Embrun and St-Bernadin.

Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial information and does not constitute a complete or final report.

The City of Ottawa is keeping their extreme weather response page updated with new info. There is an FAQ for affected residents, plus details on debris cleanup.

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Tons of chaotic images out of Barrhaven right now, after a tornado blew through the area around Half Moon Bay around 1 p.m.

The City of Ottawa has opened a family reunification centre at Minto Recreation Complex, 3500 Cambrian Road. There are also city services at Minto ready to provide info and support to affected residents.

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