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Ask OttawaStart: How much tax do I pay when I fill up my tank?

We received this email from Tim, a visitor to OttawaGasPrices.com :

"What is breakdown of the price per litre we pay at the pump? Specifically, how much is Provincial & Federal Tax?"

That’s a pretty common question these days as prices hover around the $1.20 per litre mark. The best answer we can find comes Fuel Focus , a web site created by Natural Resources Canada. The amount of tax varies from province to province, and it depends on the price of gas.

In Toronto, the price of gas in January broke down as follows, with taxes accounting for just under a third of the price per litre:

Estimated price of crude: 59.4 cents

Federal Taxes: 14.9 cents

Provincial Taxes: 14.7 cents

Refining costs, marketing costs & margins: 13.0 cents

Total: 102.0 cents per litre

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