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"Anyway, how's your sex life?" asks Apt613, of the entire city

“Give us the deets.” (Screenshot from The Room)

There’s a scene in The Room, greatest film ever produced, in which Tommy Wiseau asks his best friend a truly relevant question.

“Anyway, how’s your sex life?”

Apt613 has also got some questions in their Big O-Town Sex Survey. They’d like you to dish the delicious. Detail the dirty.

Oh boy.

Here’s their explanation for this diabolical enterprise:

“The Big O-Town Sex Survey was designed with the input of sexual health educators. We’re asking a couple dozen questions to get to know the ins and outs of Ottawans’ sex lives and the city’s dating scene. Multiple choice questions include space if you need or want to explain your answer further. The questions cover a range of topics from orientation to masturbation to kinks and props, best practises and dating.”

You can take the survey at apt613.ca, but rest assured that while they’ll release the data and some of their favourite answers, the survey is completely anonymous.



Devyn Barrie

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