Aerial larvicide application begins in Kanata North

The aerial application of granular larvicides by helicopter, is scheduled to begin this weekend in Kanata North. This weekend the aerial drop will not impact active recreational green space. Next week a more concentrated aerial application is scheduled.


The Kanata North Nuisance Mosquito Control Program deals with treating mosquito larvae in wetlands so they won’t hatch. No part of the program involves targeting adult mosquitoes. To control nuisance mosquito growth in Kanata North and the surrounding areas, the ground application of larvicide is being applied throughout the affected area until September 15.


The program uses Bti, (Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis) and Bs (Bacillus Sphaericus), which are naturally-occurring bacteria, that is dropped directly into the water where the larvae are found. Feeding larvae draw it in with the water, which stops them from becoming adult mosquitoes.


The Health Canada Regulatory Agency states that Bti and Bs have no effect on humans, birds, fish, animals or other insects, but destroys the stomachs of mosquito larvae that hatch in water.


Quality control includes weekly monitoring at five sites. There will also be post-treatment larva surveillance and extra applications of larvicide if needed.


The treatment area map and program details can be found on . For further information about the larvicide application contact GDG Environnement or call, toll free: 1-877-227-0552 .