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A map of movie theatres in Ottawa

The Bytowne Cinema. Photo by Caroline Fournier. Caroline says: “Long gone are the days of the single room cinema and going to the Bytowne is like walking back to your grandma’s house … old yet comforting.”

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? It’s a great way to pass time and experience something new with friends and family. Not to mention the delicious, buttery taste of popcorn!

Here’s a list of theatres in Ottawa, independent and chain.

Ottawa Theatres – Independent

Non-profit registered charity, all proceeds beyond operating costs are given back to the community. Open from mid-September to early May, except Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Ottawa Theatres – Chains

Gatineau Theatres


Around the Valley

The current building opened as a cinema in 1929 and was first of the O’Brien chain, owned by Renfrew entrepreneur M. J. O’Brien, according to the theatre website.

Drive-In Movies

Update 2020: Unfortunately, the Cine-Parc Templeton Gatineau closed for good at the end of the 2019 season.

Miscellaneous links

A.C.T. Ottawa (Acting for Cinema and Television), is a local acting school, that posts a list of auditions happening in the Ottawa area. You might be surprised at the number of productions looking for help: there’s usually at least one audition each week in the region. But don’t get excited about a Hollywood-sized paycheque — most of the parts pay very little or nothing at all.