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A list of gyms in Ottawa

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Working out is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only does it help keep you in shape, but exercising is great for your mental health too because it simulates chemical activity in your brain like dopamine and endorphins, according to Healthline.

A great way to stay active is to make visiting the gym a part of your weekly routine. Here’s some options in Ottawa:


Goodlife Fitness

Planet Fitness

Fit 4 Less

Anytime Fitness


Movati Athletic

Postsecondary institutions

Algonquin College gym

University of Ottawa gym (Montpetit Hall)

Carleton University gym

Local gyms

Brookstreet Hotel

Greco Fitness

Pure Yoga

Elgin Fitness

City of Ottawa fitness centres

613 Lift

Built by Rowan

CrossFit Bytown

Ottawa Athletic Club

Rideau Sports Centre

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