3D Printing for Youth in Ottawa

_ (press release) _ The Young Makers is a social innovation venture run by students at the University of Ottawa, which introduces youth to the learning experience and fun of 3D printing within their community. Currently, Young Makers is reaching out to donors to help support their program at The Door Youth Centre.

Established in 2013, the Young Makers program was first launched at The Door Youth Centre (with the support of our 2013 crowdfunding campaign).  Our program focuses on introducing this technology to youth, particularly in disadvantaged communities. When this tool is put into the hands of youth, amazing results have been witnessed, such as a sense of self accomplishment, leadership, teamwork, and many other important character traits.

In 2013, Nick McGrath was a youth attending the centre. He began to take on a tremendous interest in the 3D printing and naturally took a leadership role upon himself to teach other youth about the technology. We reconnected with Nick recently and were pleased to learn that he has become a youth worker at the very same youth center which had once helped him. We were even more excited to learn that Nick has continued providing weekly 3D printing workshops to the youth at the center. All of this is a result of Nick’s desire to help shape the futures’ of the youth at the center, and make a change in the community.


Wednesday, May 18th

, Young Makers wants to present The Door and Nick with a cheque of $1000 or more, in order to further support the 3D printing program. Donations will support the youth centre in buying supplies and needed materials to sustain the spirit of 3D printing. If we are able to reach our goal we will be able to work with the youth at The Door Youth Centre to 3D print and build a prosthetic hand for someone else in the community who is in need of one. Donations can be made online at [ https://www.generosity.com/


makers–2 ](https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/young-makers--2) , or through the application Go Fund Me, another student startup from the University of Ottawa.