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Last week, we published an editorial entitled “Ottawa’s barking about parking becoming tiresome.”

Here are some of the responses we heard from readers.

Comments edited for style and clarity. We love hearing from readers. Comment below or send letters to

Jason Lavoie: “It’s a long walk from Barrhaven or Kanata or Orléans. No parking = no go… also when I want to show out of town guests our great city it will never start with ‘let’s wait here for the bus’.”

Liz Bivens: “People should start taking bicycles into town and leave cars on the outskirts. Or, how about walking? Such great exercise to be had.”

Walking in this city seems like a foreign concept, people are lazy

— Paula Hewitt

Tanya Desmarais: “As a driver, I know when to leave my car at home, walk and enjoy the city.”

Spencer Callaghan: “As a suburbanite, driver and frequenter of the Market, this addiction to parking is silly. Requires leadership to overcome”

Glen Buhlmann, Seattle, Wash.: “Why we can’t have nice things. Parking kills cities. People don’t get that. So complain & residents create policy, rather than experts”

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