What should we name the Rideau Canal pedestrian bridge?


Do you have any ideas for a name for the Rideau Canal pedestrian bridge?

Recent reports say “Nelson Mandela Bridge” and “Corktown Bridge” (recognizing Ottawa’s Irish heritage) are in the running. There’s an online petition for the Corktown name, with 500 signatures so far.

We prefer some of these more colourful suggestions from the Elgin Street Irregulars blog:

  • Le Pont Bridge
  • Castor Bridge
  • Pont of Order or Talking Pont (in honour of the NCC)
  • Rainbow Bridge
  • By-Ped Bridge
  • Justin Trudeau Bridge

Post your ideas in our comments section below

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5 Responses

  1. Padraic says:

    The Corktown name isn’t just to broadly "honour Irish heritage", but rather a specific tribute to the poor, illiterate, Irish workers who toiled through difficult and dangerous manual labour for years so that we could go skating. Corktown was the name of the neighbourhood where these workers lived.

  2. an Michael says:

    Similarly, there really isn’t enough stuff in this city named to commemorate municipal history rather than national or british history.

  3. gary_7vn says:

    This is easy! Vimy Bridge. This honours all Canadians.

  4. Joyanne says:

    Name it after the Heart Institute guy, Dr….Um…well the heart Dr. Guy. He and the institute have saved and do save the lives of so many people from both sides of the river. Also, since it is a "foot bridge" and walking is such good cardio-excercise, the whole project could be used to increase awareness of heart health at the same time.

  5. morning glory says:

    Can’t imagine why it would be named for Justin Trudeau!!!!<BR/>"Corktown" is colourful and reminds people of an important part of the history of our City.

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