Heritage building on Slack Road. Photo by Glen Gower.

Heritage building on Slack Road. Photo by Glen Gower.

  • OttawaStart Blog: History
    A collection of every history-related blog post on OttawaStart. Shipwrecks, stone buildings, aviation, lost signs, architecture and more.
  • Abandoned Ottawa (Facebook)
  • Lebreton Flats Remembered (Facebook)
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  • Ottawa Family Tree
  • Ottawahh
  • Ottawa Rewind
    Andrew King’s excellent collection of Ottawa history. Equal parts storytelling, sleuthing, adventure and exploration.
  • The Margins of History
    Christopher Ryan loves local history and takes very interesting photos of Ottawa buildings and landmarks. His specialty is researching the backgrounds of some lesser-known architectural gems.
  • Mid-Century Modern Ottawa
    A collection of photos, drawings and information about mid-century housing design in Ottawa. Written by Saul Svirplys, an architectural historian and PhD student at the University of Ottawa. Focus will soon be changing to 1970s suburban architecture and community design, he says.
  • Ottawa Past & Present
    You can really get a sense of how Ottawa has changed over the decades with this blog by Alex Laquerre.  His posts feature an interactive “slider” that allows you to compare scenes from the past with what they look like today.
  • URBSite
    In each post, Robert Smythe does an in-depth historical and pictorial study of a very specific feature of Ottawa’s urban landscape.
  • Vanished Ottawa
    A blog documenting “the vanished and the vanishing” in Ottawa, including buildings, landmarks, etc.
  • Vintage Ottawa (Facebook)

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