Up for auction: Two 12-foot fiberglass rabbits, Mussie the “Muskrat Lake Monster”, and more from Storyland


What an interesting auction coming up on September 21 in Renfrew.  Colin Latreille Auction Services is selling off all the old stuff from Storyland, the small amusement park that closed in 2011.

Items up for auction include: 2 12 foot high fiberglass rabbits, 2 storybook soldiers, Cinderella Coach and horses,Valley Fiddler, Seven Goats story, Mary Mary, Cow Jumped Over The Moon, Hansel and Gretel, Porky’s Bandstand, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Storyland Windmill, Crooked Man & Crooked House, Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, Fox & The Raven, Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty, Dragons Lair, Lion & The Mouse, Little Miss Muffet., Pied Piper, Alice & The Mad Hatter, Mussie the “Muskrat Lake Monster”, animatronics characters, with more items “to be listed next week”.

(There are also much less whimsical items for sale as well, such as propane tanks, swing sets, deep freezers, fax machines, bug repellent sprayer, etc.  Also an 18-hole fibreglass mini-golf course. Maybe I can get 18 neighbours to put a hole on each of their lawns.)

From Wikipedia:

Storyland was founded by Durk and Bonnie Heyda, two immigrants from the Netherlands… They were unable to have children so they chose instead to build story scenes to amuse hikers on their way to the Champlain Lookout, one of the highest points along the Ottawa River and located at the rear of their property. In 1966 the park opened featuring a windmill, several story scenes and a playground. The park continued to expand, adding new scenes at a steady rate until 1973 when Durk Heyda suffered a heart attack and control was handed to family friend John Berkhout. Berkhout continued the parks growth throughout the 1980s, adding mini golf, paddle boats and many additional story scenes, some including moving mechanical scenes. In 2007 Berkhout announced his intention to retire and in the spring of 2008 he sold the park to Ottawa businessman Todd Mattila-Hartman and his company, Great North Parks. Following the 2011 season the park closed with no public knowledge and is currently listed for sale with many of its contents sold separately.

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