Unleashing your Child’s Inner Superhero: How we can be an Everyday Superhero!


The idea for the book came from a place of simply being fed up with seeing people so miserable, so unhappy and feeling so powerless over their lives. I needed to do something about it so I made it my mission to begin the process of preventing this from occurring in the first place – out came “Everyday Superheroes!” Everyday Superheroes is really about helping the young and old find within them their passions and inspiration, their gifts and talents.

As a Family Therapist, I spent most of my days listening to adults and children share their stories of pain and suffering. My role was essentially to break those patterns that no longer served them and help guide them into creating new stories for their life that were empowering.  The most detrimental patterns I noticed in the people I worked with was the idea of not being good enough, not being loved and not having a purpose for living. Although I loved helping people in this manner, I didn’t love the “treatment” process. The question I kept asking myself was; “How can we prevent people from ever getting to this place to begin with?”

Now, my goal is to ignite that passion within people; to reconnect them to their inspiration and talents.  I watch people (young and old) light up as they recognize that there is something very special, very right and very lovable about them. I watch them realize that they do belong right here, right now. It just takes a little question asking on our part to figure that out and that is the hope of the book.

This book is about planting seeds; planting the idea that we are unique and different with very important gifts and talents to share with the world. The world needs what they have within them. Its our job to try and figure out what that is and it is my belief that quality questions are essential in order to figure that out.  The book is designed to explore and embrace our individual differences and then figure out ways we can use it to create things, help others, share our talents with the world and as a result live a fulfilled, joyful life!

What excites me the most and what I am so passionate about is seeing others’ excited and passionate about their lives! Living with a purpose and on purpose! We only have one chance at this life, so why not cultivate and create the best one possible-no matter what the age!

Check us out and join our mailing list for upcoming workshops at www.everydaysuperheroes.ca!

Natasha Grey

Children book author of "Everyday Superheroes" and Child and Family Therapist.


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