Uber Launches UberEATS in Ottawa – 2nd location in Canada


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Today at 10 AM, the new UberEATS app launched in Ottawa offering food delivery with full menus available from nearly 50 local restaurants.

Ottawa is only the 2nd Canadian City and 4th International City to have access to the UberEATS app

Ottawa was the natural choice to be the second Canadian city for UberEATS – not only has the city embraced Uber, it has some of the best restaurants in the country.

How UberEATS works –

  • UberEATS is a new app which will be live in Ottawa starting Wednesday, May 11 at 10 AM.

  • UberEATS will give customers access to nearly 50 of the best restaurants in Ottawa, such as: Art-Is-In, Golden Palace, Dat Sun, El Camino and Fauna.

  • With the UberEATS app, customers have access to the full menus of top restaurants, with food available from 10 am until 10pm, all delivered for free.

  • Using the app:

    • Download the UberEATS app from the Canadian iTunes or Google Play store

    • Login with your same Uber account credentials

    • Select a restaurant, and choose what you want to eat from their menu

    • Please “place order” and hang tight while your food is prepared, or follow along in the app to track the status of your order.

    • An Uber delivery partner will deliver your order to your door.

    • Your receipt will be emailed to your email address associated with your Uber account.


UberEATS in Canada –

  • Ottawa is only the 2nd Canadian city and 4th international city to have access to the UberEATS app.

  • UberEATS has been live in Toronto for almost a year – in that short time we have partnered with restaurants to deliver nearly 1 million meals across the city.

  • UberEATS is delivered by uberX driver partners and means extra earnings and added choice for drivers.

  • For small business owners, UberEATS helps expand their reach across the city, allowing them to grow their business and create more jobs.

  • You can read more about the success of UberEATS in Toronto here: https://newsroom.uber.com/canada/en/ubereatsboost/


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