Two For Us – Dressing Our Community


Today we begin a new social initiative to help those in Ottawa. The “Two For Us” campaign is a way to show your support for the cities you love while giving new and comfortable clothing to those who are less fortunate.


Two For Us is very simple. Whenever someone purchases a T-Shirt, a duplicate shirt is delivered to a shelter or food bank in the city chosen. The T-Shirts are designed with each city in mind. The photographs depict iconic landmarks in the cities, while the color schemes are inspired by the some of the major sports teams in each market.


The Two For Us campaign aims at giving new and fashionable t-shirts to those in the cites where we all live. The shirts purchased are identical to those donated, ensuring that those wearing the shirts are seen as a community.


The shirts are a great gift for anyone. The shirts are fitted and very comfortable. The sizes range from small to extra large and all sizes are unisex. The shirts are a great way to show your support for your hometown, or just for cities you love. Buyers can show their team spirit and where their shirts to sporting events. The shirts are also a great way to show where you are from when travelling abroad.


The Two For Us initiative is virtually non-profit. The cost simply pays for both shirts and delivery of the second shirt, any small profit is used to generate more designs for future cities (the cost of screens and setup) and to purchase additional shirts for donation. Our initial offerings are for Chicago, and Ottawa, our hometown. We will look to develop shirts for Toronto, New York, Vancouver and Los Angeles in the next few months. We will also look to offer warmer clothing in the future.


You can have a closer look at the program at


Warehouse is a lifestyle brand, developing modern designs for everyone. Products include housewares, accessories and clothing.


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