CHÂTEAU L’HORREUR: Twitter reacts to Château Laurier redesign proposal


Construction could begin next year for a proposed expansion of the iconic Château Laurier, which would move the parking garage underground while adding 200 more rooms.

Details on the proposal were released Wednesday by the hotel’s owner, Larco Investments. The company said community consultations will be held before a site plan is submitted to the city. A detailed design will also be sent to the National Capital Commission.







Meanwhile, Twitter pulled no punches.

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4 Responses

  1. Jamie Ross Flynn says:

    This is such an important part of our cultural, and architectural landscape. It has to be done right. This is our second most recognisable landmark, after parliament, and this does absolutely nothing to bolster this position in our skyline. In fact, it detracts from the original château, with some odd brutalist, post modern hybrid. I’m horrified this style would even be considered. This is one instance when an addition should be completely in sinc with the original, perhsps even a carbon copy in style and proportion. This post modern, institutional wall of mediocrity would create a terrible tension betwern the two structures. The Château style developed under CP and Grand Trunk is a uniquely Canadian architectural style, and should be respected. (The lord Elgin did an addition over a decade ago, and it blended in much better. )

    This is actually worse than the current parking garage that blocks the ball rooms original spectacular views of the park, and gatineau hills, which was already a travesty. This new structure would in turn block the iconic view of the original turrets, and roofline, from the park, and Ottawa river.

    A truly banal, and uninteresting attempt to compete with an elegant marvel of Edwardian style, and engineering. It is arrogant to try and compete with the original vision of the château, rather than respect it.

  2. Herry says:

    What an ugly extension design ! This just proves that this pathetic town STILL has ZERO intelligent life !!

  3. Barbara Bisson says:

    The design reminds me of a giant barcode.

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