Trim Road roundabouts and southbound lanes open December 7


 On Sunday, December 7, two new roundabouts will be placed into service on Trim Road in Orléans. In addition, southbound vehicles will be moved to the new Trim Road between Highway 174 and Watters Road.  Northbound vehicles will remain on the new northbound lanes in this same section.

To improve traffic flow, this realignment of Trim Road includes a wider roadway and two new roundabouts at the intersections of Trim Road/Taylor Creek Drive/Dairy Road and Trim Road/St. Joseph Boulevard/Old Montréal Road.

Motorists are advised to reduce speed and watch for pedestrians and cyclists when approaching the new roundabouts. Look to the left for approaching traffic within the roundabout and be prepared to stop, as vehicles in the roundabout have the right of way. Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in traffic and proceed through the roundabout to your exit. Once in the roundabout, motorists have the right of way over all entering traffic. When approaching your exit, use your right turn signal to indicate your exit. Watch for pedestrians and cyclists when exiting a roundabout and be prepared to stop if necessary.

Pedestrians are reminded to walk on the sidewalk or path and cross only at the designated crosswalks. Look in the direction of oncoming traffic and wait for a safe gap before entering the crosswalk, and walk to the median. Before crossing the other lane of traffic, look in the direction of oncoming traffic and wait for a safe gap before crossing. Pedestrians should never cross the circular roadway to the central island.

Cyclists have two options for navigating a roundabout. They may operate as a motor vehicle by taking control of the lane and riding in the middle, obeying the same rules as motorists. They also have the option to dismount at the crosswalk and use the sidewalks and crosswalks, similar to a pedestrian.

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