The OC Transpo Strike is over


The Ottawa Citizen:

Seven weeks into a bus strike that at times, caused winter-road chaos in the nation’s capital, the City of Ottawa and workers with its striking transit union reached an agreement Thursday afternoon to send all the outstanding issues in the 51-day-old OC Transpo strike to binding arbitration.

The strike by 2,300 drivers, mechanics and dispatchers of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 279 is over immediately.

Asked why Ottawa residents had to go through 51 days of suffering before this, representatives from both sides of the dispute said an agreement simply couldn’t be reached without the threat of legislation.

OttawaStart Staff


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just hope many of those Buss-drivers, and mechanics,… get laid-off/fired as possible.<BR/> They thought they were big shots hiding behind their "union". They were all just spoiled arrogant little COWARDS.<BR/> Over half the time they were always late and lets face it -they didn’t give a S-H-ITE !<BR/> Well, now they’ll NEVER get any respect or more money. -get used to your new treatment ‘ya

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