The goats at Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge want to feast on your used Christmas tree


Goats eating Christmas trees at Constant Creek


The goats at the Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge in Dunrobin love feasting on old Christmas trees.  From their Facebook page:

Drop off your trees at CCWR! The goats enjoy nibbling away every needle and piece of bark … they get a welcome change of diet, vitamin C and natural deworming! Trees can be dropped off outside the gate at 2494 Dunrobin Road. Thanks!

(Just make sure you get all the tinsel and decorations off first!)


By the way, the City of Ottawa is collecting Christmas trees as part of your regular garbage collection day. Please remove all decorations. Christmas trees in plastic bags will not be collected.

OttawaStart Staff


3 Responses

  1. R.Stephen Murphy says:

    I am interested in donating my Christmas tree when we are finished with it. How do I get to where you are, from Stittsville ?

  2. goober says:

    How’d you get it home?

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