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The Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa is pleased to announce the hiring of Cathleen Cogan Bird in the role of Managing Director. Cathleen will be taking over all aspects of the operation, development and fundraising of the organization in collaboration with the organization’s growing and dynamic Board of Directors. Cathleen brings to the Foundation over 20 years of experience in nonprofit management as well as a wealth of experience in fundraising and cause-based marketing.

The Eldercare Foundation is looking forward to growing its support of non-profit long-term care facilities, providing funding for projects that enhance the residents’ quality of life.

“I’m so excited to be part of the Eldercare Foundation family and championing the impact the organization makes on a population that is often overlooked and in need of support.” says Cathleen Cogan Bird. “There are so many ways in which we can all be a part of providing our elders with care and support. As a society, it is our responsibility to care for those that helped make our community what it is today. This is an organization worthy of everyone’s charitable donation.”

The Eldercare Foundation was founded in 2008 by Founder and Chair, Adam C. Nihmey. As a volunteer-run organization for the past 7 years, the Eldercare Foundation has tried to address the growing needs of the residents in non-profit long-term care, but the need continues to grow every day. Since securing its registered charity status in 2014, (Registered Charity #83447 7184 RR0001), the Eldercare Foundation is poised to increase its impact and support of the non-profit long-term care homes in Ottawa, and the residents for whom they provide care.

“Our foundation has grown into a reputable charitable organization that has provided over $160,000 in funding for our beneficiaries. We hope that through our investment now we can, going forward, make an even bigger impact, in the lives of residents living in LTC..” – Adam Nihmey, Chair & Founder

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