Task force to develop “music strategy” for Ottawa


(Via City of Ottawa)

Ottawa – The City of Ottawa, together with the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC), will spearhead a task force of music and film industry leaders to develop a Music Strategy for Ottawa. Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Jeff Leiper made the announcement today during the “Ottawa as a Music City” panel discussion at the Innovation Centre.


OMIC is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to growing the city’s music industry for the benefit of its artists, businesses, and the city as a whole. Since it was formed in 2015, a direct result of the City’s Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture, OMIC has:


  • developed relationships between its members and the national industry, the City and the community-at-large;
  • delivered music-focussed programming in partnership with the City, Ottawa 2017, and the JUNO Awards;
  • conducted important research on developing the industry in Ottawa.


The City of Ottawa and OMIC will work with a task force of music and film industry partners, as well as other business leaders, to develop a strategy that will strengthen and grow our music industry, as well as other cultural sectors in Ottawa.


In order for OMIC to conduct the research and consultation work required to develop this Music Strategy, the City is investing $30,000.




“Live music is a growth industry in Ottawa. It shapes our identity and who we are as a city. In addition to the cultural benefits, a thriving music industry helps to level the playing field for our homegrown companies who are competing to attract talent from around the world. This music strategy will be part of the legacy of the 2017 JUNOs happening in Ottawa.”


Mayor Jim Watson, City of Ottawa


“Music is one of Ottawa’s great assets. We have incredible music talent, dedicated music entrepreneurs, and vibrant music scenes. Developing a municipal music strategy is about bringing together industry and government to create an environment that nurtures music’s transformative potential. As a representative of Ottawa’s music industry, OMIC is excited and proud to have the opportunity to work with the City and business leaders from connected sectors on this important step for the growth of our music industry and for the growth of our city.”


Andrew Vincent, Executive Director of the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC)

OttawaStart Staff



3 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    But whats wrong with the current strategy of ….
    a) Musicians book a concert in Ottawa
    b) Ticket master resells their cheap tickets to a sub company for a huge HUGE mark up
    c) fans get ripped off
    d) musicians decide they can’t have their names sullied like this and vow never to return to ottawa

    Whats wrong with this ?

  2. Rene Albert says:

    Memo to OMIC : When you have completed your strategy for music in Ottawa, could you please send a copy to our Canadian and Provincial governments?

    Cause they seem to have no idea where they are going long term…

  3. Richard Bethell says:

    Live music isn’t a growth industry at all. There are fewer venues today than there were twenty years ago, and with the strict constraint on busking, few ways for anyone to use live performance to gain an audience. What live performance there is is on limited size stages in pubs, permitting only unplugged acoustic performances for the most part. The days of Ottawa having bands (beyond Monkeyjunk, who earned their place, and a handful of others) is a day long past.

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