David’s Dream – Changing “Me” to “We”

News • Posted by mcollins on May 13, 2006

Having a goat in a developing nation can mean
the difference between a child attending school or that same child
entering the work force. Owning a goat means a family has an alternative
source of income and that could keep a son or daughter in school instead
of working in the fields. But goats are expensive – costing roughly $50
each, which can represent more than a family makes in an entire year – so
owning a goat is considered a luxury by most people in developing

When David Campion-Smith, a grade 4 student at Alta Vista Public School
discovered that owning a goat, would be like winning a lottery in Canada,
he took action! The young man challenged all Alta Vista students to raise
enough money to purchase 27 goats. The number 27 equals the number of
classrooms in his school.

The goats are to be purchased from Free the Children
(www.freethechildren.com). The organization was established by child
activist Craig Kielburger in 1996. Craig was awarded the Children’s Nobel
Peace Prize last month, for his decade-long commitment to helping kids in
developing nations.

Locally, the goal of David and his school community is to raise enough
money to purchase the goats by the end of this week. David who has been
fundraising for most of his young life is hopeful that his school will
reach their target of $1350.  Alta Vista Principal Heather Graham says
David has a very well-developed sense of global responsibility. He
genuinely believes that it is the job of everyone who has easy access to
food, shelter, and clothing to assist those who do not. David is truly an
inspiration to his fellow students and to the adults of this school

Craig Kielburger, who established the Free the Children Fund was just
twelve years old when he started his crusade to make a global difference.
Today water quality has been improved in hundreds of villages in
developing nations – thanks to his efforts. David believes that Craig is a
living, breathing example of just how much one person can do to make a
significant impact on the lives of other. David hopes to follow in Craig’s
footsteps – many who know David say this is just the beginning and they
have no doubt that David will make a lasting impression on the world.

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