Rose Simpson: Always count on Winterlude to get us out of the deep freeze


Rideau Canal Skateway at Mackenzie King Bridge. Photo by Glen Gower.

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Annual Weather Summary: November 2013 to October 2014Winter will be warmer than normal, with the coldest periods in early and mid-December, late January, and late February. Precipitation and snowfall will be above normal in the east and slightly below normal in the west. The snowiest periods will occur in early to mid-November, late November, early to mid-December, mid- to late December, and early January. 

JANUARY 2014: temperature -6.5°C (4°C above avg.); precipitation 85mm (10mm above avg.); Jan 1-6: Snowstorm, then flurries, cold; Jan 7-10: Sunny, mild; Jan 11-17: Snow showers, mild; Jan 18-22: Rain, then flurries, colder; Jan 23-28: Periods of rain and snow, mild; Jan 29-31: Sunny, cold.FEBRUARY 2014: temperature -7.5°C (2°C above avg.); precipitation 40mm (20mm below avg.); Feb 1-6: Sunny, turning mild; Feb 7-10: Snow, then sunny, cold; Feb 11-20: Snow showers, mild; Feb 21-25: Sunny, mild; Feb 26-28: Snow showers, cold. 

— Old Farmer’s Almanac

I can’t wait for Ottawa’s Winterlude. Can you?
That’s when we can expect a spring thaw.
It happens every year. You can count on it like a clock.
So far this has been a terrible winter. Too much snow. Not enough sun.
With the exception of two days ago, I haven’t worn my shades in two months and I wear them every day the sun peaks out.
The dogs are highly pissed off given the fact they haven’t been for a run at Conroy Pit in a month. There has been too much ice, and we can’t afford a vet bill for a broken leg.
I’m counting on Winterlude — Ottawa’s version of Ground Hog Day — to get us out of the deep freeze and guarantee us warm temperatures and a slushy canal. That’s why Mayor Millhouse built the Rink of Dreams, don’t you know?
Because the NCC always closes the canal during Winterlude due to warm temperatures.
Must be horrible for those Snowhogs.
The warm weather always sucks for tourists, too, but it’s a BOON for the Rideau Centre.
Maybe they should move Winterlude to early December.

Rose Simpson

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Rose Simpson

Rose Simpson is an Ottawa blogger and broadcaster who tells it like it frickin' is. She is a lapsed Liberal, a contrarian and a fan of the scorched earth policy regarding Rob Ford. Rose can be heard on occasion on CBC's DNTO, BBC World Service on Have Your Say...and TMZ. She also blogs at Rose's Cantina.


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  1. Green Edward says:

    Is it not true that after mid February winter will have a bit of a break and warming up as from 16th of Feb.?

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