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Typically, if you want to see art you have to go to a museum, a gallery, an exhibit, or an art and craft event. Very rarely does one get the opportunity to meet with the artists in their own environment and talk about their work, and what inspires them. Up until now, that is. Three local artists –  painters Tracy Armstrong and Bev Thibault, and jewellery artist Kristina Rudnitski – recently decided to join forces for “An Afternoon of Art”, which will be held this Sunday, November 8th from 1 pm to 4 pm at 33 Promenade Ave in Ottawa. This intimate event offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy locally created art in the place where it all “happens” – with the artists present to offer insight in their work and to answer any and all questions.

Please allow me to introduce the artists and their philosophies:

Tracy Armstrong





Art by Tracy Armstrong
Tracy Armstrong creates original abstract art with a focus on the color, movement and texture of our natural world.

“As I delve into my art, I realize how much I am drawn to the natural line rock formations, the patterns formed on an old stone wall, the movement of water, and the shades of colour in our changing seasons. I am awestruck by the beauty of rust — yes, rust is beautiful! I see nature, shapes, and patterns with new perspective, noticing and relishing the subtleties around me. Found objects, recycled materials, and the printed word are all full of potential, a collage of ideas that could lead to a new painting. When combined, acrylics and mixed media lead to unlimited possibilities, changing and becoming something different from their original form”.




Bev Thibault Paints

​“A child’s hug, giggles amongst friends, or a savoured moment of quiet – my paintings depict the joys of a woman’s life. The figures in my work deliberately lack facial features so viewers can easily see themselves in the piece. Using limited palettes of bright saturated colours laid with bold yet economical brush strokes, I seek to convey the ephemerality of life’s simple pleasures.”




Sea Glass Jewellery & Accessories by Kristina Rudnitski

“Each piece of SeaCycledGlass jewellery is handmade by me from genuine sea glass that I have collected from the beach. I use mostly sterling silver as this complements sea glass  beautifully.

My designs are contemporary, modernist, and whimiscal. I am an environmentalist and artist. Being Eco and Chic are both important to me and are in no way mutually exclusive! My professional background relates to environmental science and international chemicals policy. My passion is grounded in combining the arts and science of sustainable living through environmentally responsible design. For the past 20 years, I have explored various media to express my passion including stained glass, oil painting, building my studio in the urban woods, feng shui, and now sea glass jewellery.”


If you are interested in attending this unique event, please take a moment to RSVP on the ladies’ Facebook event page.

That’s it for now but I will return later this week to update you on all of the wonderful events that will be coming your way later this month!


Rene Trim

Rene is the chair of the executive committee of the Ottawa Valley Crafts and Collectibles (OVCC) Guild. The OVCC organizes art & craft shows featuring local artists and artisans from the Ottawa Valley.


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