RE-BLOG: Max Keeping’s Ties


Starting today, every Monday I’m going to re-post an older article from the OttawaStart blog. This one appeared way back in January 2006:

OttawaStart reader Rev. A. McKee asked: “Where does Max Keeping get his ties?”

Max responded: 

Max’s collection of ties comes from virtually everywhere: (kids) the Children’s Miracle Network, Save the Children; (fashion) Vernini at St Laurent, Holt Renfrew; and some others are gifts from viewers. The Sens ties are from sensations, Montreal Airport gift shop, and a Toronto tie company which made some early in the life of the franchise (purchased by McGarry Funeral Home people). 

The ties generally get worn for awhile on air, and are then donated for Charity auction. 

The Ottawa Sun did a mini-profile of the ties last summer. 

Now go tie one on! 


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OttawaStart Staff


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