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Bob at Flacklife is annoyed at real estate web sites that can’t be viewed on mobile devices:

So a couple of days ago, I’m making the walk to my local grocery store to pick up bus tickets. (Yeah, I still haven’t started cycling to work. I know. I suck.) And I note a new for sale sign up on a lawn.

Being a Blackberry addict, I immediately type in the URL on the sign to get more info: www.bobblake.ca . The web site was totally non-functional on my Blackberry Bold (right). Well, not totally non-functional. Just from the perspective of looking at houses.

Then I thought I’d go to MLS.ca. MLS didn’t work on the Bold either. Neither does the Ottawa Real Estate Board’s site.

I’m not blaming Bob Blake for having a site that doesn’t work on mobile devices, and the only reason I’m talking about him is because he was listing the property that got me curious in the first place….

But it would seem to me that real estate agents, the companies they work for, and their professional associations need to ensure they’re serving their potential customers using the devices they choose, not 9-year-old web browsers built for dialup.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Visit http://www.johnosullivan.ca if you want to find the best real estate agent in Ottawa with a WAP friendly site. <br /><br />Also, try installing Opera Mini (web browser) on your Bold.

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