Police warn of drugs containing Fentanyl in Ottawa


(press release)

(Ottawa)—The Ottawa Police Service Drug Unit is advising that they have received their first Health Canada Certificate of Analysis confirming that one controlled substance (cocaine) also contained Fentanyl.

The submitted sample was originally seized by an Ottawa Police patrol officer in early July 2016 and the Health Canada certificate was received late last week.

As always, Police and Ottawa Public Health are advising that the best way to avoid an unintended overdose is by not using illegally obtained substances. No amount of supervision can ensure a person’s safety when they choose to use illegal drugs. That is even more so when there is no reliable way for the user or the supervisor to confirm what drug is actually being ingested.

While we encourage those who may be at risk of opiate overdose to be trained in naloxone administration (a drug used to counter opioid overdose), it is important to note that naloxone has limited effectiveness against high doses of drugs like heroin and Fentanyl and even less so against drugs like carfentanil, which has been seized by investigators in western Canada. 

The Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Public Health and the local Overdose Prevention Task Force continue to encourage people who use drugs to seek medical attention for advice and assistance in managing their addictions. To get more information on where to access naloxone user’s training programs, call the Drug and Alcohol Helpline at 1-800-565-8603. 

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