Police issue more than 600 tickets for Canada Road Safety Week


(press release)

(Ottawa) – From May 16 – 23, Ottawa Police officers were busy monitoring city streets for traffic violations as part of Canada Road Safety Week.

“Several initiatives were conducted over the eight day period,” said Traffic Support Constable Jeff Shields, with the Ottawa Police. “From impaired and distracted, driving to speeding and sharing the road with cyclists, we want to make sure everyone is safe on our roadways.”

In total, 70 tickets were issued for distracted driving, 509 for speeding, 19 for disobeying stop signs and 57 for red light running were issued.

“All road users are responsible for following the rules of the road. Whether you are driving, cycling or walking, give it your full attention; make road safety a part of your behaviour every day.”

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  1. Martin Kent says:

    A law abiding capital city. Who would think that the freewheeling family phenomenon, would affect the federal civil service? Soon on Father’s Day we will see the majority of Ottawa’s parents ignoring traffic laws, because law abiding capital city streets are a fantasy. Imagine if the capitals embraced law abiding streets?
    Kids, if your parents ignore traffic laws tell them you love them and want them to behave. If they insist in acting like jerks on the road, then have a family intervention on your birthday. Invite all your relative over and when they ask you what you want, say you want law abiding parents! If this doesn’t work, then put soap on their toothbrush.
    By the way, most parents speed because of aggressive tailgaters. Make sure your parents heve a child on board sticker.

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