Photos from House of Paint this afternoon


We spent a couple of hours earlier this afternoon at the House of Paint festival, where we saw incredible art like this…

House of Paint: Giant canvas

The event takes place underneath Dunbar Bridge (where Bronson Avenue crosses the Rideau River). The underside of the overpass has been transformed into a huge performance space. There are scaffolds lining both walls, a concert stage, a big dance floor and bleachers all around it.

House of Paint: Under Dunbar Bridge

Dozens of artists, some wearing protective masks, some without, are covering the bridge with big, bold paintings.

House of Paint: Artist at work

This is one of the biggest pieces, probably 30 feet high.

House of Paint: Giant art

Another very, very big piece in progress.

House of Paint: Giant art

There is lots of variety, from 30-foot canvases to uh, one foot.

House of Paint: Small art

Artists are, quite literally, stacked in top of each other, covering every part of the concrete surface.

House of Paint: Stacked artists

There were even performances and workshops for kids. Here’s Hey Kids (Big B and Capt. Foot) from Kingston

House of Paint: Performance for kids

This event, as the kids say, is pretty dope. Dance battles and music continue all weekend. We had to leave too early!

House of Paint: Dope

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