Paul Dewar is being treated for brain cancer


Paul Dewar

Posted today by Paul Dewar on Facebook:

Dear friends,

I have some news to share.

On January 26th, I went for a 36 km skate on our beloved Rideau Canal. The following days I experienced some discomfort in my left arm, which I attributed to my skating. As the week progressed my arm was feeling heavy and not getting any better. As an active person, I naturally thought it would go away.

But it didn’t.

On Monday February 5, I went to the Ottawa Civic Hospital to have my arm examined. X-rays, and then a CT scan, revealed a cyst on the right side of brain.

A follow up MRI revealed it was a tumour.

After consulting an amazing team of neurologists, neurological surgeons and vascular surgeons, we decided that I would have the tumour removed.

On Wednesday February 14 I had brain surgery.

While this cancer is devastating news, I am going to pursue the next phase of my treatment with determination, passion and an appreciation for life.

Since I received this diagnosis I have had incredible treatment from smart and caring medical professionals who are completely dedicated to their patients.

I have also received phenomenal support from my family and friends.

It turns out that I am the most blessed person in town, as I am married to the most beautiful, sincerest, smartest and caring woman, Julia. She and my sons Nathaniel and Jordan have been my greatest source of strength.

Same with my brother Bob, and my sisters Elizabeth and Cathy, who have all been by my side. My in-laws Bob and Marion and sister-in-law Alison, and so many close friends, have formed a team supporting me through this journey.

I am perched by the side of a strong flowing river of love that gives me the courage and inspiration to take on this challenge.

Everyone of us knows someone who has had cancer and each journey is personal. People ask what they can do. If you can, please consider getting involved in something that will help your neighbourhood. Look for the beauty that exists all around us and share it with each other.




Knock on your neighbour’s door and say hi.

I sincerely thank you for all of your good wishes and ask for privacy for me and my family over the next few months as I work to get back to my usual level of physical and community activity.

Take care,


OttawaStart Staff


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  1. Herry says:

    Nooooooooooooo ! Paul, you’re suppose to be Ottawa’s next mayor ! Please get well soon.

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