OttawaStart’s Ultimate Ottawa Halloween Costume List


In what may become an annual Halloween tradition, I am pleased to present the First Annual Ultimate Ottawa Halloween Costume List.  Please add your suggestions to the comments below.

  1. The Golden Palace Eggroll.  Pictured at right.
  2. Rogue Senate Page.  All you need for this one is a black suit, white gloves, and a “Stop Harper” sign.
  3. Green Bin.  They’re only $30 or so at Canadian Tire.  Buy one, cut out holes for arms and legs, glue on a few pieces of rice as the maggots. (Suggestion: Get your spouse to dress up as a Rain Barrel.)
  4. Sexy OC Transpo Cop.  Take one of those sexy cop costumes and tape on an OC Transpo logo. Then ask everybody, “Can I see your transfer, baby?”
  5. Black Bear.  (For Bells Corners residents only.)
  6. Stuntman Stu.  All you need for this one is a microphone and an Apple device.  (This is an inside joke for friends and family of Stuntman Stu.)
  7. The New Ikea.  Get the biggest cardboard box you can find and paint it yellow and blue.
  8. Ottawa Convention Centre.  I have no idea how to pull this off but if you can find a shiny futuristic helmet somewhere you’d have the best costume in Ottawa.

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OttawaStart Staff


7 Responses

  1. psychiccarole says:

    Easy costume: Put on some fake webbing (yes…over your clothes) and a plastic spider (or a few of them) and you'll be disguised as a website!! lol

  2. Jennifer Woltemade says:

    Amazing idea with the GP egg roll, but I&#39;ve been eating them for decades – the thing that makes them awesome is that they&#39;re open, not crimped at the ends like in your picture :)<br /><br />A million bonus points if you add a hat that&#39;s a bowl of their fantastic homemade plum sauce!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am going as the Zombie version of Paul Hines, the poor guy in Alymer who was beaten to death trying to stop a kid from stealing a pumpkin. I see Zombie Paul as being really angry at anyone who steals pumpkins on Halloween. I see this as a kind of tribute to the guy. No one deserves to be beaten to death over a $2 pumpkin. At the same time no one should risk their lives for a $2 pumpkin.

  4. G says:

    Thank you to Jennifer for exposing the inaccuracy of my poorly photoshopped eggroll costume picture.

  5. Miss Vicky says:

    not sure how you&#39;d do it, but going as Jim Watson&#39;s schedule might be amusing

  6. Kevin Bourne says:

    Here&#39;s a list of cool Ottawa-centric costumes:<br /><br />-A Friend of Lansdowne Park using a come-over wig (potentially grey or white), and a plaid shirt (maybe a guitar). <br /><br />-A NIMBY using the same costume above.<br /><br />-The Toronto Developer, the worst nightmare of many Ottawans, with slick back gelled hair, sleek suit with open collar shirt.<br /><br />-The very scary Rideau

  7. G says:

    Miss Vicky – for Jim Watson&#39;s schedule, maybe you could dress up in a map of Ottawa &amp; put push pins all over it.<br /><br />Kevin – great suggestions. Next year I may dress up as Rideau Canal sludge. Or maybe one of those Winterlude Ice Hogs covered in sludge. A Winterlude Sludge Monster. Scary stuff.

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