OttawaStart’s Ultimate Ottawa Halloween Costume List – 2012 Edition (sinkhole and more)


Looking for costume ideas for the Halloween party you’re attending this weekend?  Here is our second annual Ultimate Ottawa Halloween Costume List.  (You can read the 2011 list here.)

  1. 174 Sinkhole. The obvious choice this year.  I’m dressed up in the photo on the right with a simple black garbage bag, a license plate and some caution tape.  (Unlike my pathetic design pictured at right, you should probably cut holes out for vision and breathing.)
  2. Maman.  Dress up as the giant spider in front of the National Gallery.  Have a friend accompany you with a camera to take pictures.
  3. Rideau Canal Skateway.  Encase yourself in a giant block of ice.  (A very temporary costume.)
  4. Bridgehead Coffee Cup.  There are lots of instructions online for creating a coffee cup costume.  Add the Bridgehead logo to give it an exclusively Ottawa feel.
  5. Terry The Hot Dog Guy.  You know the guy who sells hot dogs at the corner of Bank and Laurier? Just get a toque and a tray of hot dogs and maybe some tongs and you’re all set.
  6. Calypso Water Park. Find some flexible white dryer pipe, paint it blue.  Put on a swimsuit and wrap the blue pipe around yourself.  Maybe a some goggles or floaties too.

What’s your best Halloween costume idea?  Add your comments below.

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