Ottawa’s best eggrolls (2017 edition)


Where are the best eggrolls in Ottawa? (Public domain photo)

In 2010 we asked our Twitter followers to choose Ottawa’s best eggrolls. Since that was seven years ago, we decided to revisit that and put it to the tweeting public again — plus other suggestions from social media and comments on our website.

(The runaway winner is always Golden Palace, so we’re excluding it to give the others a chance.)

Along with the 2010 suggestions, here’s an updated list of recommendations, in alphabetical order:

  • Charlie Chan (Innes)
  • Dragon Fortune Delight (Stonehaven Drive)
  • Full Start Chinese Food Takeout (BankStreet)
  • Hung Fatt (Montreal Road)
  • Ho Ho (Richmond Road)
  • Kung Fu Bistro (Carp Road)
  • Lucky Dragon Delight (Hazeldean)
  • Maple Court Dining Lounge (Kakulu Road)
  • My Favourite Chinese Food (St. Joseph Boulevard)
  • Rideau Restaurant (Eagleson)
  • Ruby Inn (Bank Street)
  • Tai Ping (CarlingAvenue)
  • Wong’s Palace (Carling)
  • Also: List of Ottawa Chinese restaurants from Yellow Pages.

Quite a few on Carling and Bank — which should be Ottawa’s Eggroll Avenue?

Comment below if you have any others to add to the list.

Update: Lucky Key was included in the 2010 version of this list but it since closed. It has been removed. 

OttawaStart Staff


8 Responses

  1. Anne Waters says:

    I did a personal egg roll challenge with a few friends last January (2016). We tried 11 different places. One friend is a chef, one is in a cooking club and another writes about food in a magazine with an international audience. It was a lot of fun but I can say that I didn’t eat another egg roll for a long long time! Wong’s Palace came out on top. Also, doing well was Cypress Garden and Craig Henry Chinese Food. Golden Palace was way down on the list. We are all surprised. Though I still go sometimes for egg rolls since it is close by! I hope people will weigh in with their egg roll picks. I’m always keen to try new places.

  2. Melanie says:

    Silver Dragon off Iris Street – 1109 Cobden Rd

  3. Sandie T says:

    Ginko Garden on st laurent S. (near walkley). Formerly Poy’s. Best open-ended egg rolls in the city. And that include Golden Palace (sorry Stu).

  4. linda says:

    Dragon Fortune Delight, Bridlewood, Kanata – fantastic!!!

  5. Markus Maximus says:

    Ummmm…hellooooo…Golden Palace? Should be #1!

  6. John M says:

    I’ll second Sandie T. Gingko Garden does a great egg roll – and I’m not even a huge fan of Americanised Chinese food!!!

  7. john peters says:

    Too bad Anne you did not try Charlie chan egg rolls you missed a lot we can even show you how they are made you have an open invitation to try some
    John Peters

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