Ottawa Senators adopt Thousand Foot Krutch song as 2014-15 anthem


Top-selling rock band THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH consistently records the “fists-in-the-air” anthems embraced by the sports entertainment world to fire-up their faithful fans. The band’s second consecutive No. 1 selling Billboard Hard Rock album, OXYGEN:INHALE, released Aug. 26 through The Fuel Music, is no exception. Although the album dares to lower the volume on a few songs and allow the melodies and words to soar, tracks like lead single, “Born This Way,” and “Untraveled Road,” are two adrenaline-fueled tunes already tapped for highlight reels.
Adopted by the NHL’s Ottawa Senators as their 2014-15 anthem, “Untraveled Road” is like marching orders set to music, with vocals delivered with hip hop urgency before exploding into a chorus that reminds of Linkin Park at their catchiest. The Senators will open its season tonight in Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre arena with a video featuring the song, as well as feature the track throughout the season. Schedules permitting, TFK will also play “Untraveled Road” live in the arena during a home game this season.
The song is further being used in the “pump-up” video for the Montreal Canadiens’ 2014-15 season, and can be seen at
“This song is about standing up for what you believe in,” says TFK frontman Trevor McNevan.  “It’s about not being afraid to take the first step, or be the first voice. It’s about having the courage to be unashamed, and the faith you need to take a step before you can see the ground. The ‘untraveled road’ is symbolism for being at a crossroads, and having to decide which path you’re going to take. Sometimes it takes everything.”
“Born This Way” is similarly being fused into sports programing, featured on NASCAR and Southeastern Conference (SEC) college football games on ESPN through mid-December. The song also continues to climb the Active and Mainstream Rock charts as it picks up over 360,000 views and 4,600+ likes on YouTube.

The success of “Born This Way” and OXYGEN:INHALE is giving a significant boost to TFK’s first headline tour in support of its new album. Launching its “Born This Way Tour” into major markets across the US beginning Oct 7 at Mojoes in Chicago (Joliet, IL), the tour then travels through Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Charlotte and many more cities before wrapping upNov. 9 at Jake’s Backroom in Lubbock, TX. Guest artists featured on select dates include We As Human, Righteous Vendetta and Like A Storm.  See for the latest tour updates.

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