Ottawa restaurant names that are even more confusing than Union 613


Hung Fatt: “Think I’ll Pass On The Chinese Food Tonight”.
Photo by Jean Labelle.

Ron Eade reported earlier today:

“The Province of Ontario has reviewed and revoked its restaurant business name — Union Local 613 — because folks may confuse it with a non-profit, bona fide labour organization.”

So I wondered, what other restaurants have potentially confusing name.  You know, like “Panda Garden” in Kanata, that DOESN’T ACTUALLY SERVE PANDAS!  Or the Byward Market bar called “Liquor Store” which is NOT IN FACT AN LCBO OUTLET!

I asked OttawaStart’s Twitter followers if they were confused by any restaurant names.  You can see all the responses under the hashtag #confusingottawa.  Here are my favourites:

  • Paul Coughlan: “I went to The Pump on Elgin to get gas for the car.”
  • Russ McDonnell: “Tried to plan brunch at Baker Street Cafe but it got all messed up cuz its actually on Richmond Road”
  • Hart ShouldiceShawarma Palace, while delicious, is disappointingly non-regal.
  • Spencer Callaghan: “Boston Pizza is not in Boston at all! I wasted $800 in airfare.”
  • Ryan Purchase: “The Rideau Bakery on Bank”
  • Katherine: “Flying Piggy’s on bank. I was severely letdown. Lots of pig paraphernalia, no pig cannons ANYWHERE.”
  • Paul Coughlan: “I went to Play and thought I’d see some Shakespeare.

What restaurant names confuse you?  Please comment below.

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4 Responses

  1. neeroc says:

    Five Guys – Not always 5 guys there. Some even have female employees.<br /><br />East Side Marios – located in Bell&#39;s Corners and Kanata<br /><br />Black Cat Bistro – no felines, let alone black ones in sight. I wasted those allergy meds.<br /><br />The Scone Witch – I was hoping to pick up some eye of newt.<br /><br />Lone Star – I found nothing astronomy related at any of their locations.

  2. Ross Brown says:

    Two Monkeys in Barrhaven. Not even one chimp.

  3. There is only 1 Restaurant 18 and don&#39;t get me started on what Beaver Tails are not.

  4. Ender Berett says:

    That is really funny. I have been looking around for a good <a href="; rel="nofollow">restaurant in ottawa</a>, and this actually helped a lot! I guess they just had trouble with copyright in naming them something more fitting. Thanks!

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