Ottawa Police – Joint forces distracted driving blitz taking place in National Capital Region


(Ottawa Police)

The Ottawa Police, in partnership with RCMP, Gatineau Police and OPP will conduct a one day enforcement blitz targeting cell phone use by drivers in the National Capital Region on March 22.

“For everyone’s safety, we want drivers to focus on their driving,” said Sgt. Denis Hull, Ottawa Police Traffic Enforcement. “Your call or text can wait until you reach your destination, when you can safely use your phone. No text is worth your life or that of someone else.”

The enforcement by all police services in the National Capital Region reminds everyone behind the wheel toLeave the Phone Alone to make our roads safer for everyone.

Officers from all services will be out in their jurisdictions throughout the day.

Results for the blitz will be available on Thursday, March 23.

OttawaStart Staff


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  1. S Milligan Turner says:

    Good idea to do it this week, post clock change for Daylight Savings Time, (why are we still doing this thing?!) Historically, accident rates have been higher post DLS clock change.

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