Ottawa Police complete training on new carding regulations


(Via Ottawa Police)

(Ottawa)—The Ottawa Police Service is moving forward with the implementation of Regulated Interactions after completing the necessary training and technological components required by the provincial Regulation.


In March 2016, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services announced new Ontario Regulation 58/16 for Regulated Interactions, formerly known as street checks. The Regulation took effect on January 1, 2017 but the implementation was delayed while the Ottawa Police completed necessary requirements.


“A significant amount of work has been carried out by our Service to ensure compliance with the Regulation, especially in relation to provincially mandated training, data management processes and storage, auditing and reporting,” said Insp. Mark Patterson, Project Lead with the Ottawa Police Service. “Beginning March 28th, only Ottawa Police officers who have taken the training will be permitted to utilize this important intelligence gathering tool.”


The Regulation provided direction for voluntary police-public interactions without bias or discrimination.  It also established rules for data collection, retention, access and management, training, and policy and procedures with audit and public reporting requirements.


Members of the community are encouraged to visit to learn more about this type of interactions, when they apply and how data will be collected.


“As a Police Service, our priority continues to be community engagement built upon crime prevention and community safety initiatives while balancing the rights of individuals,” said Insp. Patterson.


For more background on the Regulated Interactions Project, please visit

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