BEAT THE HEAT: List of free (or low-cost) places with air conditioning in Ottawa


A firefighter cooling down at Richardson Side Road fire. Photo courtesy of Ottawa Fire Services.

A firefighter cooling down at Richardson Side Road fire. Photo courtesy of Ottawa Fire Services.

Here’s a list of businesses and public places in Ottawa that have air conditioning, and are free, or low-cost. Add your suggestions to the comments below.

Also: Tips from Ottawa Public Health on how to stay safe in the heat

Some reader suggestions via Twitter:

  • The Beer Store (@stuntmanstu)
  • Costco walk in cooler where they keep the lettuce (again, @stuntmanstu)
  • Any City of Ottawa community centre (@themagicfridge)
  • Carleton University tunnels (@kmennie)
  • Chapters book store (@bitofmomsense)
  • Arts Court or Timmy’s (@Sarah_A_Mahoney)
  • Add your suggestions in the comments below!

(Originally published July 6, 2010; latest update May 28, 2016.)

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about skating rinks?

  2. Sarah says:

    ottawa doesn't have any skating rinks… unless you mean ice skating, in which case I think most, if not all, do not have ice right now, and are not actually air conditioned.

  3. G says:

    I just checked with the City of Ottaw and yes indeed there are several rinks with ice that offer public skating:<br /><br />

  4. G says:

    @bnjmnwood on Twitter recommended the walk-in freezers at Mark&#39;s – the ones used to test winter outerwear

  5. G says:

    @kittybroadway on Twitter says: &quot;You can add the new Ottawa Humane Society to the free places with a/c: hang out with animals weekdays 11-7, Sat 10-5&quot;

  6. Heather Dufault says:

    There’s a mention here about churches…but many of them actually do not have A.C. (those that do probably in the minority). But the NAC will be welcoming everyone to come in and cool off this summer, as their programming will cease for interior renovations…

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