Ottawa fall radio ratings 2016 (with colourful graphs!)


The numbers are out.

It may take a keen eye to notice who’s won and who’s lost, or it may not.

While the topline numbers don’t always tell the whole story, they are all we have to digest.

Sometimes the best way to tell who won and lost is how individual stations react to these numbers.

However, not all changes are visible.

Your comments and insights always appreciated.

Some (on the surface) notes:

  • Hot 89.9 is the #1 music station (and very strong with Francophones, too)
  • Jump 106.9 has seen steady growth!
  • Live 88.5 is steady and strong!
  • Rebel got off to a decent start: 1.2
  • 1310 News may have seen a small bump
  • CHEZ, Kiss and Boom 99.7, too
  • CFRA has taken a huge hit, esp. on reach
  • Majic, too
  • TSN 1200 had a strong book
  • Country stations 101.1 (Rogers) and 94 (Bell Media) almost in a dead split

How do you see these numbers? Who among you are wearing the rose-coloured glasses?

(Source data from


Graphed by Devyn Barrie / data from Numeris

Editor’s note: CIDG 101.7 (Rebel FM) switched both frequencies and formats before the fall ratings period began. Here is a press release from Rebel about how they did this year.

Graphed by Devyn Barrie / data from Numeris

Graphed by Devyn Barrie / data from Numeris


Graphed by Devyn Barrie / data from Numeris

Graphed by Devyn Barrie / data from Numeris


Here’s some demographic data from Bell Media, posted by media consulting firm Kowch Media:




Mike Carroccetto

Mike Carroccetto aka @wildfiremike is an Ottawa freelance photographer.


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  1. ARY says:

    It seems Majic 100 is again in a slow spiral downward – the station has way way too many commercials. Most stations now have commercial free 90 minute runs etc. They refuse to offer this to listeners. Many of the women announcers have high pitched annoying voices – I like a good solid female voice they don’t have any- Amy Volume on KISS has a great voice. Finally their music is lost in a too much variety format trying to be all things to all listeners and failing . Jewel has FINALY moved to a more progressive soft rock format so they stealing listeners big time! Majic is so accustomed to being the leader in their market that they seem almost desperate on air they don’t know what to do to stop the slow decline. Nice to have so much competition in the radio market!!1

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