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Depending on where you live, and how well your antenna is placed, you may be able to receive these channels over the air in Ottawa

  • CBC Ottawa (4), CJOH (13), CH (11), CITY (65), NEW RO (43), CFMT (60), GLOBAL (6), TVO (24), PBS (57).
  • Ferenc sends us this list of UHF/VHF French stations available: Radio-Canada (9), Télé Québec (30), TQS (34) and TVA (40).
  • Denny writes: “The best antenna for UHF reception is a log periodic antenna (parallel polarized), essentially as the frequency increases the smaller elements act as a the radiator, the ones in back as reflectors and the ones in front as directors. This antenna has a high Q and very good gain on all UHF freqencies, it may designed as a 300 ohm impedance, fitted with a balun to convert it to 75 ohms or designed to 75 ohms from the start. This antenna is very directional and requires a a rotor.The best VHF antenna would be the same log periodic antenna, however this might be out of the realm of the amateur antenna maker. The dipole utilizing a section of 300 ohm twinlead works quite well with for both VHF and FM radio.Aluminum foil can be used also, if put on a wall at ceiling level and covered with wall paper or paper it makes an excellent antenna, this may also be used for low power transmitters with an impedance matcher (combination of variable inductance and capacitance)to arrive at a low standing wave ratio.An excellent reference is The Amateur Radio Antenna Manual, this is in most libraries.”
  • Paul writes: “I have modified a 300 ohm cable to receive TV stations in Ottawa. The 300 ohm cable was cut down the middle and used as a large dipole antenna. It receives VHF channels very well without any ghosting. Unfortunaltey, it can only pick up VHF channels (CBC 4 to CTV 13). Using an antenna, do you know if anyone in Ottawa has been able to receive TVO (UHF channel 24) or PBS (UHF channel 57)? If so, do you know the antenna set up that was used?”
  • Guy writes: “UHF stations can be recieved with a cheap little UHF antenna. It’s just a wire loop about 8″ in diameter. TVO and others come in perfectly.”
  • Martin writes: “Global has a tower in Bancroft (ch. 2). WCFE 57 (PBS) Plattsburgh can be easily received with any yagi antenna (very strong signal). Global on Channel 27 is in Peterborough (1,130 KW). Channel 7 is CBS – Watertown. WNPI/WNPE (ch. 18/16), Watertown, Norwood. PBS (channel 18 is usually stronger). CKWS (CBC Kingston) has two low powered transmitter (very weak signal): ch.26 (Brockville), ch. 36 (Smiths Falls).
  • David Liebold writes:Regarding section on off-air television alternatives, here is a list of off-air channels in Ottawa/Outaouais:4 CBOT (CBC)
    6 Global
    9 CBOFT (Radio-Canada)
    11 CH
    13 CJOH (CTV)
    14 (Omni 2 expected to go on air soon)
    24 TVOntario
    30 Tele-Quebec
    32 CTS
    34 CFGS (TQS)
    40 CHOT (TVA)
    43 New RO (CHRO)
    60 Omni 1
    65 City TVThis list does not include out-of-town signals such as Watertown NY (PBS, etc).There’s also supposed to be a retransmitter of CKWS Kingston in Smiths Falls, although I have not been able to pick that up (may be too weak to see in the Ottawa market).

    For some strange reason, I’m seeing Global on channel 27. Not sure if this is the result of a hardware glitch or if Global runs a strong channel 27 transmitter elsewhere in eastern Ontario.

    As far as the one comment about using 300-ohm “twin-lead” cable for an antenna, this can work well on many channels but one has to consider “wavelengths” of TV frequencies. Wavelengths get smaller as the TV channels get higher.

    It may be better to purchase an amplified “rabbit ear” and loop type
    antenna for local reception. A Jensen amplified indoor antenna pulls in the UHF channels better than unamplified rabbit ears or loops. Haven’t tried the bigger antennae such as the “giant smoke detector” units that retail at Radio Shack and elsewhere, but have heard these can work well. However, I have not yet been able to pick up signals outside the Ottawa region such as Watertown.

  • Outdoor antennas will generally be better than indoors. Also, the higher the antenna off the ground, the better.WTFDA is an international club of TV-FM “DX” enthusiasts who try to
    receive distant off-air signals. They have additional technical resources for TV and FM reception:
  • Any other comments on UHF/VHF reception? Please contact us.


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