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Ottawa residents love to talk about the weather. Along with hockey and gas prices, it may be our favourite topic. This page includes a 7-day forecast, weather alerts, links to satellite and radar images, along with specialty forecasts.

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Ottawa Weather Records (unofficial)

  • Coldest day: -36.1ºC, February 15, 1943.
  • Hottest day: 37.8ºC, August 14, 1944.
  • Highest rainfall, one day: 135mm, September 9, 2004.
  • Highest snowfall, one day: 40.6cm, March 2, 1947.
  • Average maximum temperature: 10.7ºC
  • Average minimum temperature: 0.8ºC
  • Daily mean temperature: 5.8ºC
  • Average yearly rainfall: 701.8mm
  • Average yearly snowfall: 221.5cm
  • Source: National Climate Data and Information Archive

1998 Ice Storm

On January 4, 1998 the first drops of freezing rain started to fall in Eastern Canada. Ten centimetres of freezing rain fell in less than a week, destroying trees, grounding airplanes, and leaving over a million people without electricity. Check out the links below for more about the event.