New bag makes recycling easier in apartments, condos and multi-unit properties


The City of Ottawa has teamed up with Progressive Waste Solutions to create a blue, reusable bag to make it easier for people in apartments and multi-unit properties to store and transport their recycling to the designated recycling area. Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor David Chernushenko, Chair of the City’s Environment Committee, unveiled the new recycling bags today.


“Managing our waste and minimizing what goes in our landfill is an issue that can only be addressed by getting the whole community working together: the City, the private sector and Ottawa’s residents,” said Mayor Watson. “The Blue Bag is a simple thing, but it’s often the small things that act as a barrier between recycling and simply throwing something away.”


Residents can put all their recyclables into the Blue Bag, then when it is full, use the bag to carry their recyclables to the designated recycling area and then sort them into the appropriate containers. The empty bag can then be reused and is easy to wipe or rinse clean. Information about what can be recycled is available on


While the City’s curbside diversion rate was over 50 per cent in 2014, the multi-residential diversion rate in that year was just over 16 per cent.


“Increasing waste diversion in multi-residential buildings is a significant challenge that Ottawa must address,” said Councillor Chernushenko. “We have the recycling programs in place; now we need to focus on making it easier for our residents to participate.


Recycling is not only good for the environment, but also the bottom line. Increasing recycling can help save money for property managers through reduced garbage collection fees.


Property managers or condo board representatives can contact Progressive Waste Solutions at 613-740-3281to request Blue Bags for their properties.


Residents who live in apartment buildings and multi-unit properties are encouraged to contact their property managers and building superintendents to receive the Blue Bags.

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